With the Research Centers of Excellence network, the LBDA collaborates with 20 of the nation’s leading LBD academic medical institutions to which people with LBD and their families can turn for advanced LBD diagnosis and treatment. Through our combined efforts we are connecting the LBD community with highly-specialized physicians and respected institutions that are committed to conducting LBD research.

The RCOE program and its investigators are collectively making remarkable contributions to our understanding of LBD and related disorders. For example, just in just over a year the investigators had nearly 165 manuscripts published. The following are those that reflect LBDA-supported research efforts:

To learn more about the published work of LBDA’s RCOE investigators, download the full list of citations.

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Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, AZ

Clinic name: Barrow Neurology Clinics
Contact name: Dede Berry
Phone number: 602-406-5916
Email: Dorothy.Berry@dignityhealth.org
Website: Barrow Neurological Institute

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Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH

Clinic name: Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
Contact name: Natalie Ehret
Email: ehretn@ccf.org
Phone number: 216-445-0907
Website: Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

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Columbia University in New York, NY

Clinic name: Department of Neurology-Taub Institute
Phone number: (212) 342-5615 (Lamprine N. Whitney, MS, RD, RN, nurse coordinator)
Website: Taub Institute

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Emory University in Atlanta, GA

Clinic name: The Emory Movement Disorders Clinic
Contact name: Amanda Goodwin
Email: agoodw7@emory.edu
Phone number: 404-712-3529

Contact this person for: support group or research studies (NOT clinical care)

**Please contact the Emory Neurology Scheduling Team if you wish to schedule an appointment with the Movement Disorders or Memory/Cognitive Care Divisions. (404) 778-3444**
Website: Emory Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Program

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Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD

Clinic name: Atypical Parkinsonism Center
Website: Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center

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Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA

Clinic name: Lewy Body Dementia Unit, Memory Disorders Unit
Contact name: Evelyn Albano
Phone number: 617-726-1728
Email: ealbano1@mgb.org

Contact this person for: public inquiries, appointments
Website: Memory Disorders Division

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Mayo Clinic (Coordinating Center) in Rochester, MN

Clinic name: Mayo Clinic Department of Neurology
Contact name: Nick Rethemeier
Email: Rethemeier.Nicholas@mayo.edu
Phone number: 507-538-4048

Contact this person for: general inquiries, clinical trials, support groups and other LBD related resources
Website(s): Neurology Department
Lewy Body Dementia Overview
Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

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Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL

Clinic name: Alzheimer’s disease Research Center
Phone number: 904-953-2677
Website: Memory Disorder Clinic

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Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, OR

Clinic name: OHSU Parkinson Center & Movement Disorders Program
Phone number: 503-494-7230
Website: Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders

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Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL

Clinic name: Rush Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Program
Phone number: 312-563-2900
Website: Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Program

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Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA

Clinic name: Division of Memory Disorders and the Division of Movement Disorders
Phone number: 650-723-6469
Website: Lewy Body Dementia Research Center of Excellence

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The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH

Clinic name: Center for Cognitive and Memory Disorders
Contact name: Jennifer Icenhour
Email: Jennifer.Icenhour@osumc.edu
Phone number: 614-293-6882
Contact this person for: clinical trials, public inquiries
Website: Center for Cognitive and Memory Disorders

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University of California, San Diego in San Diego, CA

Clinic name: UC San Diego Neurological Institute
Contact name: Lisa Damron, MS, CMC
Email: ldamron@health.ucsd.edu
Phone number: 858-822-5873
Website: Neurological Institute

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University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, CO

Clinic name: UCHealth Neurosciences Center – Anschutz Medical Campus
Contact name: Michelle Stocker
Email: Michelle.Stocker@cuanschutz.edu
Phone number: 303-724-7421
Contact this person for: Public inquiries, clinical trials
Website: Neurosciences Center – Anschutz Medical Campus

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University of Florida in Gainesville, FL

Clinic name: Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases
Appointments Phone number: 352-294-5400
Contact Name: Melissa Himes (clinic manager)
Email Address: Melissa.Himes@neurology.ufl.edu
Website: Fixel Center for Neurological Diseases at UF Health

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University of Miami in Miami, FL

Clinic name: Comprehensive Center for Brain Health
Contact name: James E. Galvin, MD, MPH
Phone number: 561-869-6808
Email: jeg200@miami.edu
Website: Comprehensive Center for Brain Health

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University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI

Clinic name: Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center
Contact name: Renee Gadwa
Email: rgadwa@med.umich.edu
Phone number: 734-764-5137
Website: Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

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University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, NC

Clinic name: UNC Hospitals Neurology Clinic
Email: DLBC@neurology.unc.edu
Phone number919-966-7233
Contact for: Biomarkers in LBD, a clinical study by the DLB Consortium (DLBC)
Website: Department of Neurology

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University of Washington in Seattle, WA

Clinic name: University of Washington Memory and Brain Wellness Center
Name: Genevieve Wanucha
Phone Number: 206-685-1304
Contact this person for: events, publicity
General inquiriesuwadrc@uw.edu
Website: UW Memory & Brain Wellness Center

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