Volunteer of the Year Award

Volunteers are the cornerstone of LBDA. LBDA volunteers help raise awareness, provide support when it is most needed, raise funds to help LBDA grow, and connect people in our community to vital resources. Each year, we honor individuals for their commitment to outstanding volunteerism and making a difference in the lives of people affected by Lewy body dementia. The LBDA Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes outstanding volunteers for their commitment to LBD advocacy, awareness, education, research, and support.

Past Award Recipients


Kathy Teyler Jarrett was care partner for her husband, who passed away with Lewy body dementia. She is currently the facilitator of a LBD support group in Portland, Oregon. Kathy support sthe efforts of the Oregon Health & Science University, an LBDA Research Center of Excellence, attending quarterly meetings of the neurology team. Kathy is also a “Lewy Buddy” and is always willing to help other Lewy Buddies who need information about her area.

Barbara Leipow has a nursing background and her personal experience with LBD provide empathic support to individuals affected by LBD. Barbara is a “Lewy Buddy” as well as an LBDA Support Group Facilitator. Barbara works with her county to educate first responders and emergency personnel understand dementia. Barbara is also a member of the Georgia Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia Collaborative as an LBD advocate.


Nancy Martin and Pat Snyder exhibit dedication and passion for supporting those with LBD and their caregivers. Their accomplishments include launching support groups in their area, authoring books and publications on the disease, and reaching hundreds of individuals in an effort to raise awareness and help others facing this disease.


Paula Biever launched an LBD support group in her community, volunteered as a Lewy Buddy, and dedicates herself to raising awareness of this terrible disease.


Thomas Clark is a support group facilitator and Lewy Buddy (Lewy Buddies provide support to caregivers. He facilitates two groups in the Austin, TX area, and presents materials on LBD at conferences and events as an advocate. Without his determination and involvement, the Texas support group network would not be as extensive as it is today.

Rosemary Dawson is a loyal LBD advocate and Lewy Buddy. She serves as a member on LBDA’s Volunteer Program Services Committee, and takes personal initiative to advocate for awareness of LBD. In addition, she moderates the LBD Caring Spouses Yahoo group, and connects caregivers to the resources they need.

Katherine Fowler is a long-time support group facilitator and caregiver to her husband who lives with LBD. She guides a strong group of individuals who either have loved ones that currently live with LBD, or have experienced a loss of a loved one due to complications from LBD. She is also an active participant in awareness campaigns.

Paul Smith is a support group facilitator and Lewy Buddy. Paul facilitates an active support group in Illinois. He proved instrumental in expanding communications between LBDA, Lewy Buddies, and constituents while providing feedback on LBDA programs. He is a community activist and often lends his voice to interviews and articles on LBD.


Kathleen Anduze is a former registered nurse and nursing director, horseback rider and painter.  Kathleen was diagnosed with LBD at the age of 51. Despite the fact that Kathleen suffers from Lewy body dementia, she has been a tireless supporter, contributing a painting for LBDA’s holiday cards, and organizing and participating in fundraisers including a Lick-it for Lewy Ice Cream Social.


Robert Bowles, a family man, retired pharmacist, and a man of faith, is guided by his passion for dementia advocacy and his desire to help others along their journey with the disease. He speaks about LBD to community groups, physicians and pharmacists. Robert has organized fundraisers and he mentors others who have dementia – both in person and online.


Joy Walker is a writer, hospice worker and bereavement counselor and worked as a professional care-manager for her father.  In 2011, she published a memoir both about being her father’s live-in caregiver and about her experiences cleaning out the family home, filled with 40 years of living, memories, and hoarded material.


Jason M. Rubin is a successful writer and novelist, wrote a touching blog post about his mother’s illness on the tenth anniversary of her death from Lewy body dementia, which caught the attention of staff at the Lewy Body Dementia Association. Jason was soon invited to share his LBD story on LBDA’s website, and he began to volunteer with the organization.


Norma Loeb, for whom service to others is more than just a volunteer activity — it’s a way of life. Norma was selected as the recipient of the 2011 LBDA Volunteer of the Year Award. She is one of seven nominees recognized for her outstanding commitment to serving LBD families throughout the year.


Irene Selak  serves as a moderator on LBDA’s discussion forums. In addition to her work welcoming new members of the online LBD community, she serves as a primary contact for telephonic and electronic support on LBDA’s Caregiver Helpline. She first came to LBDA through an LBD support group while serving as a caregiver for husband, Jim.


Ronnie Genser worked tireless to help so many families throughout the United States and Canada. She volunteers as the LBDA’s Support Group Coordinator for LBDA’s national support group network. Through her leadership and expertise, the network has grown from just six support groups to 68 support groups which are now in 26 states as well as the Canadian province of Ontario.


Victoria Ruff she cared for her mother who passed away from LBD. She joined LBDA in 2006 and currently sits on the Outreach Committee. She has made the LBDA Chat Room a valuable resource for caregivers and others affected by LBD to meet online in real-time. Victoria leads an LBD support group and has helped to bring information and resources on Lewy body dementias to local facilities.


Helen Whitworth joined LBDA in 2005 when she began exhibiting at medical conferences. In 2006, she took over writing volunteer job descriptions, supervising new volunteer applications, and developed a new volunteer orientation process. Under her supervision our volunteer ranks have nearly doubled and we are now more effectively engaging volunteers in our mission across the country.


Carol Caughran started the first LBD monthly support group in the US, and in January 2006 held a LBD caregiver’s symposium in Coral Springs, FL. The symposium included two professional speakers and a caregiver panel. Carol arranged for the event to be filmed and it is now an excellent resource for professional and home caregivers.


Gourete Broderick was selected as the first LBDA volunteer of the year for her dedication to raising awareness of LBD throughout Canada, the US and beyond. Gourete (a.k.a. “Courage”) conducted an international e-mail campaign to professionals and mailed LBD brochures to hundreds of organizations throughout Canada.