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Updated LBD Research Recommendations Published

Every 3 years, a national research summit is held to update research strategies for non-Alzheimer’s dementias. This 2-day national event is one of 3 rotating summits held in response to […]
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Is Pure Autonomic Failure a Warning Sign of LBD?

Many people with one specific form of LBD, called dementia with Lewy bodies or DLB, develop problems with their autonomic nervous system. This is the part of the nervous system […]
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A Simple, 3-Minute Test May Aid in Diagnosing Lewy Body Disorders.

Researchers with the U.S. Autonomic Disorders Consortium have shown a simple, bedside test can help spot underlying neurological disorders like Lewy body dementia (LBD) in people who have orthostatic hypotension […]
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Adult Day Service Boosts Beneficial Stress Hormone in Caregivers

A new study reveals family caregivers have an increase in the beneficial stress hormone DHEA-S on days when they use an adult day service for their relatives with dementia. DHEA-S […]
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Treatment Study Halted Early Because of Promising Results

With all the recent news about failed clinical trials for disease-modifying treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, a little encouraging news is timely. ACADIA Pharmaceuticals announced an early end to one of […]
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Epilepsy Treatment Shows Promise in DLB

Motor symptoms improved with add-on therapy of seizure medication. Researchers in Japan published promising data on a Phase II clinical trial on an existing medication (for seizures) in people with […]
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Alzheimer’s and Lewy bodies: When Two Pathologies Collide

DLB is one of two clinical diagnoses under the Lewy body dementia umbrella. When DLB co-occurs with Alzheimer’s disease, a clinical diagnosis is even more difficult to make as symptoms […]
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LBD Caregiver Experience Differs Between Spouses and Adult Children

Being a dementia caregiver can have a negative impact on one’s psychological well-being. But what is specifically known about the impact of LBD caregiving? And how it might differ based […]
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Daytime Sleepiness is More Common in Dementia with Lewy Bodies than Alzheimer’s

Drowsiness and daytime sleepiness (despite getting adequate sleep the night before) are often described by individuals with dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) and their caregivers. This is reported even in […]
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Qualitative EEG shows promise in Identifying Mild DLB

Dementia is often preceded by an earlier phase called mild cognitive impairment (MCI), where an individual is still able to live independently, but notices changes in at least one area […]
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