A team approach will result in the best outcomes for patients and their families. Referral to an informed neurologist is recommended for diagnosis and management of LBD symptoms; neuropsychologists may also be helpful in making a differential diagnosis. Geriatric psychiatrists may be needed to manage refractory behavioral problems.


People with LBD and family caregivers need to be educated about the symptoms of LBD, standard treatment options, and how to find supportive services that may be needed over the disease course. A referral to the Lewy Body Dementia Association is recommended upon diagnosis for educational and support resources.

Legal counsel

Early in the course of dementia, physicians can help the patient identify and share their personal goals of care and discuss advanced care planning. Health care providers should also encourage families to consult an attorney to ensure their legal affairs are in order, such as a will, durable power of attorney and advanced directives.

Other referrals

A brief assessment may reveal the need for pastoral counseling or hospice care, as LBD is often life-shortening. Caregivers may also require referral for counseling due to depression or burnout.