Plan a Virtual Fundraising Event

Get Involved

Take action and get involved in the fight against Lewy body dementia.  You can host a meaningful event that all can attend to raise awareness and support individuals and families who are battling Lewy body dementia. Your efforts will ensure that LBDA will continue to provide vital support, up-to-the-minute education, and help push LBD research forward.

We encourage you to be creative with your event! Below are some ideas for your virtual fundraising event.

  • Host a virtual run/walk
  • Plan a virtual paint/craft party
  • Host a virtual cooking party
  • Plan a virtual game night

…the ideas don’t stop here! Have a unique idea for your own virtual event? Let us know and we will help you get started.

Get Started 

We are here to help you plan your own virtual fundraising event, or create your personal web page to raise support those affected by LBD.

Use to create your personal web page. LBDA has partnered with, a widely-trusted online service, to allow you to create your own web page to raise awareness and support. Once you create your web page, upload a photograph and share a special message with your family and friends so they can visit your page to see your progress and contribute to support your efforts.

Host a Virtual Run/Walk

Join the LBDA community of fundraisers and help LBDA do even more to provide valuable support and resources. Whether your goal is to raise $200 or $2,000 your efforts are going to make a major difference in the lives of many people. We have provided three easy steps to help you with your event:

Step 1 – Get Creative

Make your virtual event exciting and memorable by incorporating lives or pre-recorded videos for the event. Create your own hashtag for friends and family to share their participation during the event!

Step 2 – Get Others Involved

Share your event with friends and family. Ask them to share their pictures with your hashtag.

Share details of your event and encourage others to create their own teams. Using social media is also a quick and easy way to spread the word. Be sure to include information and links about how donations to LBDA can be made.

Create an account with, share your about why you want others to support LBDA, and provide family and friends with direct links to your page. Donations come straight to the organization, so you don’t have to worry about managing them.

Step 3 – Share Your Success

Let all your participants and donors know how their donations and efforts impact the lives of those affected by Lewy body dementia.

Tag us on Facebook in your photos and videos on Facebook or email them to us at Photos may be shared on our social media pages.

Create your own unique hashtag and ask them to share their pictures using the tag.

Set up a live video or zoom call for your event. Share the link to the live call on your page.

Thank you for considering hosting a virtual fundraising event to benefit LBDA.