Wonder Twins Raising Awareness

Abigail and Liliana are ten-year-old twins who have put their incredible talents together to raise awareness of Lewy body dementia! They were inspired to help the mission of LBDA in honor of their Grandma Janice.

With Liliana's exceptional creative skills and Abigail's passion for business, the two put their heads together and decided to sell dolls at the local flea market. Each doll is made from mismatched socks, making them one-of-a-kind and handmade with love.

"Our grandmother has dementia, so we would like to help find a cure for the disease," said Liliana. Many people from the town flocked to the flea market to donate socks and contribute to their cause! Abigail and Liliana are planning to host another sale this fall in efforts for LBD Awareness Month.

Abigail and Liliana

Sep 27, 2019