what have you done with my mom

My mother was diagnosed with Lewy Body in 2006. It is horrible. I don’t think I can describe everything that I feel. My mom no longer recognizes me. I feel I lost her sometime ago The anger outburst were horrible. My mother and I were so close. Had a wonderful mother daughter relationship. She was my best friend. This disease took that from us. Once in a while she will know who I am and I am elated. But it only lasts a moment. She has withered away to almost nothing, not able to feed herself, dress herself or do anything for herself. What is so terrible is that by the time you get an understanding of what is going on, it is too late. I am so thankful for the information I received at a treating clinic. Their information helped me thru the worst times of my life. My mother’s doctor gave me the guidance I needed to make it thru such a terrible ordeal. Without her advice and guidance I’m not sure I could have made it thru this heart breaking journey. The entire staff at local clinic was truly amazing. But again, I owe my peace of mind to my mother’s doctor. My heart goes out to each of you that is traveling this rough road. May God give you the strength and comfort you need to get thru this as it is not something we can handle on our own.*

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tammy Croft

Aug 06, 2011