My Dad was diagnosed with LBD in 2013. I had suspected he had dementia many years prior as his reasoning abilities seemed to diminish and he grew increasingly paranoid and delusional over people and things that normally wouldn’t matter. He retired early from his job in 2006 as he began struggling with how to use computer programs he had used for years. This was another red flag as he had always been a bit of a workaholic. His mental decline reached a point in 2010 where he finally went to a doctor for help. Unfortunately, his GP told my parents that he thought my Dad was faking it and put him on anti depressants. In 2011 he developed a tremor in his hands, the cause of which was misdiagnosed. Over the next year his motor problems progressed with frequent dizzy spells, increased tremors, and a change in gait. He fell several times, splitting open his forehead in one instance. Things finally came to a head when he fell again and wound up in the ER. This was enough to convince my mom to take him to an actual neurologist, where he was initially diagnosed with Parkinson’s and later with LBD as his dementia symptoms got worse.

At present, he is still living at home, though he is becoming more than my mom can handle. My siblings and I help out as much as we can, but cannot provide the level of time and care truly needed. I suspect the day is coming when he will have to go to a care facility. He suffers from hallucinations ranging from children hiding in the house stealing things to believing my mom is trying to kill him. It is heartbreaking to say the least. All we as a family can do is live for today and cherish the moments when he is mentally present with us. I am saddened my young daughter will never know her grandpa for the good humored, smart, adventurous person he was before LBD struck. I already miss my Dad and pray he finds peace from this monstrous disease sooner than later. I hope someday a cure is found so no one else has to go through this.


Feb 04, 2015