split personalities

My husband and I were both suffering from Post Traumatic Syndrome when we lost our home in Katrina. We moved from New Orleans to Knoxville to be near our daughter. Then, in 2006, his symptoms were diagnosed as Alzheimer’s. By 2008 Vascular Dementia and Parkinson’s symptoms were added.

My observations included sleep and active dream problems, hallucinations, both visual and auditory, and delusion that fragmented him and myself. He not only changed his personality, but began to recognize me as different people who came and went in his world. I learned to simply play each part that he required to stay with me.

Language skills began to deteriorate, with suspected small strokes responsible, but his garbling and using any word to replace what he could not remember began to worry me. His behavior turned psychotic and I wondered how long I could keep him home.

Now, in 2011, the doctor has added LBD to his list of ailments, but I fear that medications over these years have taken their toll. Emergency room visits have produced nothing, as his paranoia and agitation would cease after a period of time. He has begun wandering, with purpose, leaving the house to flag down traffic on a busy road. It is not the wandering associated with AD.

He has had a good night’s sleep, so this morning is my old sweet husband, momentarily. But the meds will once again be introduced and who knows what the day will bring? I shall be searching for more info on LBD and hoping a local DaTscan is available in our area. This story, after 57 years of marriage ,is far from over, as I still fight daily to keep him with me as long as possible. I will know when to let go, but his essence continues to reach out to me for help. When that essence leaves, so shall I.

betty clemens

Aug 06, 2011