Our Dad Officer Gilbert “Butch ” Beaty

We lost our father to LBD June 3, 2015. It was a long emotional ride we took with Dad. He was a humble man drafted to Korea and later devoted his life to law enforcement. He provided for our family & never complained about anything. A very smart intelligent man we depended on. Upon learning about LBD and the possibilities that it can progress over a number of years, we believe he suffered for a long time. Possibly more than 20 years. Behavior changes, hallucinations & paranoia led to a diagnosis in 2010. Dad had reached a breaking point. He had his firearm loaded and was determined to keep the intruders out of his home. He was hospitalized. It was at this time Dad confessed to doctors of the animals he saw in his closet every morning. We were heart broken. How can this be happening to such a strong man? We rode the rollercoaster with Dad and Lewy. We took care of him until his dying day. We miss him. He’s free now.Lewy is gone…..

Patti Moreno

Jul 09, 2015