My father and his LBD journey

My father passed away May 29th, 2014 from LBD. He was diagnosed approximately 5 to 6 years prior. But he showed symptoms for 4 to 5 years before that. my mother was his caregiver the entire span of his illness. I know what true love is as I watched her care for him 24/7 in the home myself and 5 other siblings grew up in. I found the the disease very daunting and heartbreaking. The hallucinations, incontinency, feeding issues, wild dreams in the middle of the night with thrashing movements and yelling. With all these things my mother cared for him and never once complained or quit. He ultimately was put in a assisted care facility in a special hospice room where he passed away 6 weeks later. That gave my mom the rest and time to spend with him his last days knowing he was being taken care of and loved by the hospice staff. This disease is so sad as for what is does to the victim in the progression of it. I thank the LBD website for all of the knowledge I have gained from it. It was very helpful for those 5 painful yrs of my fathers life on this earth. Thank you LBD.

Sandy Reuter-Firbes

Feb 05, 2015