My Dad My Hero

I lost my Dad June 28th this year. He was 62 years old and supposed to walk me down the aisle this year. As I plan my wedding I can not help but wonder what went wrong. And as I research more and more I notice people having a similar story as mine. Vietnam veteran, severe PTSD, misdiagnosed, wrong medication given, dead too soon. I’m looking for answers not only for myself and my family but for those who still have time to fix or prevent it. I think where we lack is support to those with PTSD. It’s almost ironic that this happens at this time in my life. I’m 28 years old and still trying to figure out what I’m going to “be when I grow up” Maybe my answer lies within my heartache. Maybe I am meant to help raise support and awareness about this disease. Maybe I’m meant to find those who wonder lost with the tragedy of PTSD. Today I am thankful I stumbled upon this website. Thank you for all of those who share their stories. They are meant to be heard

Ashley Corsetti

Dec 22, 2013