My Beautiful Mom

I lost my mom and best friend on July 21,2014. She had struggled with Lewy Body for 5 horrible years. At first they said Parkinson’s, then Alzheimer’s, then dementia,who knows what! I watched her day by day just slip away and become a ghost of herself. She was frightened,confused, agitated, helpless and yet always remained hopeful. Sure,it started maybe 10 years prior but you just don’t connect all the dots. Getting lost driving the same road, paying bills twice, loss of smell,etc.

In the end, she died on the sofa at home with her children. Hung in there 10 days of pure torture. No food or water for 11 days. Wasn’t able to swallow anything at all. She knew and she was fearful. It was awful watching my very beautiful mother struggle with every breath. She knew we were there with her.

I miss her terribly and can’t really believe that she is gone. I still need her. The hardest part was all her anxiety and fear towards the end. She looked up into the corner of the room and lifted her arm as to say,”Stay away” and shouted,”No”. These were her last words! Makes me sick that she didn’t go in peace and even that she had to go at all. She went to church and believed in God and was a Christian. She lived a wholesome life and was a Great mom. I don’t understand why she had to struggle so much during her life and then didn’t even get an easy passing. Think of her every day.

Julianne Orr

Nov 24, 2014