Mother’s Poem

Watched you fall a part each night
Cried because I needed you back
The voices would not leave you alone
Body shook as disease slowly attacked

Lewy lean weighted down your neck
Shuffled gate body stiffened up
Broken bones left you crying bout your back
Doctor said he could not give you pain drug

Excruciating seeing you go through this
Grieving one that I have so adored
While slowly watching you deteriorate away
Tear drops drowning my sad heart on the floor

Screaming out to God, GIVE HER PEACE
Please make all this suffering go away
Throwing up my insides every night
Falling short of comforting you each day

Family all asked the same old question
What happened to mom, what did you do?
Bitterness filled me up toward them
All I ever did was deeply loved you

Could not stop this freight train running you down
Oh what I'd have given to take the pain
Still have open wounds today
Heart is broke, I'll never be the same

Lewy could not hurt you anymore mom
Though its left its everlasting scars on me
Everyday I think of you and dad, mom
Everyday I curse that damned disease.

Someday if I can, I'm going to see you
Smiling, no more sickness anymore
If I make it there to be with you and dad, mom
No more will I grieve the ones I so adore

Ron F.

Apr 08, 2017