James Wood


My dad has been living with Lewy Body Dementia for over 10 years now. At this point, he can no longer walk, bathe, or feed himself without assistance. Once an avid reader and lover of theology and philosophy, he now gets confused trying to recount simple stories.

Recent months have been particularly difficult, as my mom is his sole caretaker and healthcare costs are reaching over $50,000 for his assisted living needs.

This past weekend I created a campaign to raise funds for his care and share his story with others. All funds raised will go to his care first and foremost for 1 year, and any additional funds raised will be donated to your organization, as it has been an important resource for us throughout the years.

Thank you for your work and please keep doing it. This disease has stolen so much of what I loved most about my dad, and I hope one day there will be a real cure for it.

You can learn more about my dad and our story at www.livingwithlewybody.org.

Thank you,
Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood

Feb 18, 2019