A Noble Soul

My best friend and husband John Greges died on September 3rd 2012. He was 73 and had suffered from many ailments and then for a lot of years Lewy Body Disease. It did him in and he went through a lot but tried to be brave. He always had a lot of anxiety and tried to fight it. We were married for 47 years and always loved each other from the day we met in a candy store in the Bronx. He was a proud Italian guy and worked very hard to take care of his loving family. We had 2 daughters and a son and very proud of them and was a great Dad. Always kind and generous in every way. He cherished our 5 grandchildren and so grateful and blessed to have them. In the beginning it was very hard to grasp what the disease was doing because Lewy Body was not known and still is not by many doctors. It was years of depression, loss of movements and ability to fight off the simplest of sicknesses. We spent a lot of days at doctor’s visits, hospital stays and trying to get through the day not knowing what was to come. I kept on thinking God will be with us and He was. We did not tell the kids a lot so he kept his dignity as long as he could fake it. No too easy a task for sure. I wrote today because I needed to. He is with me in spirit. I called him my Mosey and I miss him and would do it all over again to have some more time loving him.

Geri Greges

Feb 03, 2015