Holiday Changes – When Celebrations May Need Updating

The holidays can be a shared time with a host of traditions, connections with others, and special foods. They may involve religious rites, symbols, or service and often include travel, gifts, decorations, and familiar music. And although the holidays may have to be different due to life’s circumstances – yet, many will still find ways to gather, continue to share traditions, and recognize this time.

There are times in our lives when these celebrations may look different for other reasons – due to the death of a loved one, in separation due to placement needs, or with new medical symptoms which may complicate shared moments.

There are times it just needs to be less busy, less stimulating, and less cluttered. The location may need to be shifted to make things easier. Hotels used when never even considered before. Care assistants present to help as needed. There may need to be built in moments of rest among the moments of busy or events cancelled which are normally held.

There are times when the “Auld Lang Syne” which is sometimes defined as the “olden days” must be shifted to make sense due to the variety of needs at hand. It may take creativity, flexibility, and compromise. It will require conversations and often self-advocacy to have needs better met for all involved. This year, make a conscious effort to gift everyone involved a bit of grace to adapt and accept the new and different. There can be a mix of emotions – and it may be something we all will need to learn together in order to find ways to make it as comfortable and comforting as possible.