Finding Purpose – Even in the Presence of Lewy

What is purpose?  

According to research, purpose can be defined as setting long-term goals which are personally meaningful and make a positive contribution to the world. Our sense of purpose will change over our lifetimes – especially as things take different priority and we are navigating the transitions which may come our way.  

Living with intentional purpose has benefits no matter your age. Regardless of what may be in our path, we can determine what matters to us and then take actions to add more of it to our lives.  

Studies show this makes our lives more meaningful and thus more satisfying – and those benefits are experienced by others around us as goals are met in larger communities.   

Purpose is beneficial to maintain connection, build community, reduce isolation, reframe situations, and live well.  

Finding our own purpose can take time to learn more about what has personally brought us meaning in our lives to this point – while looking how our values, skills, and abilities can help others, now or in the future.  

What do you really care about and why? What are you doing to participate in what is important to you? How do you want to be remembered? 

There are tools like the “Valued Living Questionnaire” by Kelly Wilson & Groom which review various parts of our lives to see where we are placing our priorities, values, and time.  

People around you may also help you to explore ways they feel you could be helpful – this may be within your own family, friends, religious affiliations, community groups, or professionals. Sometimes the difficulties we are or have experienced in our lives can lead to opportunities for genuine support and education with others.  

The University of California at Berkeley has the Greater Good Science Center which was built to collect the best research-based methods for a happier and more meaningful life with easy to manage activities used to broaden your perspectives. 

Once you narrow down what brings purpose into your life – you can find ways to commit to what is personally meaningful through clear vision and consistent action.