Donate to Research

Research is essential to driving earlier LBD diagnosis, developing safer, more effective treatments and improving the quality of life for people diagnosed and their care partners. LBDA contributes to research initiatives through three strategies:

Catalyzing Research – We reduce silos of knowledge and foster collaboration by convening LBD research stakeholders, such as disease experts, the National Institutes of Health and biotech companies.

Research Advocacy – By bringing our staff and the LBD community into dialogue with researchers, federal agencies, policy makers, and legislators, we elevate the voice of the LBD community to those whose decisions can help reduce the burden of LBD on families and society.

Funding Research – LBDA supports research directly through grants programs, like our Research Centers of Excellence, and by supporting studies that assess the impact of LBD on those diagnosed and family care partners.
YOU can impact LBD research efforts that can have a lasting effect on the LBD community. Give to support LBDA’s research efforts by making a donation today.