Medical Alert Wallet Card

Why is a Medical Alert Wallet Card Important?

The purpose of a medical alert wallet card is to inform doctors and emergency room staff of any medical conditions, allergies, or medication sensitivities you have. Medical alert cards come in many forms. Some are generic, while others contain detailed information about specific conditions.

Who Needs an LBD Medical Alert Wallet Card?

Anyone with a chronic health condition, severe allergy, or significant drug prescription should carry a medical alert wallet card. If you or a loved one has Lewy body dementia (LBD), a medical alert card could prove life-saving. That is why everyone with LBD should carry an LBD medical alert wallet card. Care partners should also carry a copy on behalf of the person they care for. Present this card anytime the individual diagnosed with LBD is hospitalized, requires emergency medical care, or meets a new doctor for the first time.

Why is it Important to Have an LBD Medical Alert Wallet Card?

Carrying a wallet card is a clear and easy way to provide basic guidance about your condition to medical professionals. In the case of LBD wallet cards, the text on the back explains Lewy body dementia symptoms and provides critical information about the emergency room treatment of psychosis in LBD.

For instance, up to 50% of people living with LBD may react negatively when treated with traditional antipsychotic medication. Knowing this ahead of time can help emergency room providers select different, potentially safer treatments. If they are not sure of appropriate treatment options, the LBD medical alert card recommends consulting a doctor experienced in treating Lewy body dementia.

Here are the top benefits of always having a medical alert card with you:

  • Share vital medical information when you are unable to communicate it yourself.
  • Reduce the risk of harmful drug interactions.
  • Improve the medical diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms.
  • Reduce allergy complications.
  • Quickly provide the home address, family contact information, and primary doctor’s phone number at a glance.
  • Potentially save your life!

How Do I Get an LBDA Medical Alert Wallet Card?

You have two convenient options for obtaining a free medical alert wallet card:

  • Download a card from our website, print it out, and fill in the details.
  • Request a printed copy of a wallet-size medical alert card. We can ship materials anywhere in the United States.

It may be wise to download or order multiple medical alert cards for you or your loved one with LBD. That way, you can keep a copy in several go-to locations–in your wallet, in the car glove compartment, on the side of your fridge, and in every care partner’s car.

To learn more about LBD, please explore the Lewy Body Dementia Association website. There, you can access numerous helpful resources, including a 40-page booklet on LBD, an LBD symptoms checklist, a comprehensive treatment summary, and much more. For additional tips and information, please contact us through our website, sign up for our email newsletter, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.