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LBDA's educational publications feature a wealth of current information on Lewy body diagnosis and clinical

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LBDAtv features educational presentations by physicians on a growing range of topics relating to LBD. 

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Find resources for Lewy body dementia such as publications, videos and links to related websites.

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What is LBD?

LBD is not a rare disease. It affects an estimated 1.4 million individuals and their families in the United States, but many doctors or other medical professionals still are not familiar with LBD.


FAQs are listed here. The LBDA directory will help you know who to contact based on the type of question you have.

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Is It LBD or Something Else?

Early and accurate diagnosis of LBD, while not always easy to do, is of critical importance. By learning about common forms of dementia, you can help your physician most quickly identify what type of dementia has developed.

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10 Things You Should Know about LBD

There are important facts about Lewy body dementias that you should know if you, a loved one, or a patient you are treating may have LBD.

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Diagnosis and Prognosis

An early diagnosis is key to developing an optimum treatment plan.

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LBD is a multi-system disease affecting cognition, movement and emotions differently in each person.

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People with LBD react negatively to some medications. Learning about symptom management in LBD is vital.

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