University of Virginia Health in Charlottesville, VA

The Research Center of Excellence will be part of the Memory and Aging Care Clinic (MACC) at UVA Health, which is a multidisciplinary clinic focused on providing diagnosis, treatment, and support to individuals with dementia and their caregivers. The clinic is staffed by two neurologists, one geriatrician, a nurse practitioner, neuropsychologists, neuropsychology fellows, dementia care managers, and a nurse coordinator. A social worker whose office is adjacent to the clinic is also available as well as a speech therapist who participates in the clinic one Wednesday a month. Providers in the multidisciplinary clinic support and educate caregivers and families of those with dementia. Two clinical trial coordinators support a variety of studies offered through the clinic.

Carol Manning, PhD


Dr. Manning is a Professor of Neurology and Director of the Memory and Aging Care Clinic (MACC) at UVA, which she created at the University of Virginia School of Medicine in 1997. Since that time, MACC has grown to be a multi-disciplinary clinic that serves as the model clinic in Virginia for care of patients with dementia and their families. As part of a tertiary care hospital, UVA sees many patients with non-Alzheimer’s dementias, including Lewy Body dementias. She is deeply committed to improving Lewy Body dementia care for patients and families.


Clinic name: UVA Health Memory and Aging Care Clinic
Phone number: 434-924-2706
Hillary Perez (Center Coordinator): 434-924-0453
Website: Memory and Aging Care Clinic