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Get Informed About Clinical Trials

You Can Help

The only pathway to finding new medicines for people with LBD is through clinical trials. YOU can help in the development of new potential treatments by participating in clinical trials.

LBDU’s Ask The Expert: An Introduction to Clinical Trials

Participate in Research

We’ve made it easy to find opportunities to get involved in research. Browse through our summaries of LBD research studies that are actively recruiting.

Get Informed

The LBDA encourages people with LBD and family caregivers to educate themselves about clinical trials and to participate in those with the potential to develop much-needed new therapies.

Always Consult Your Doctor First
Find out why LBDA strongly recommends you talk with your doctor about studies that interest you.
Types of Clinical Research
There are two types of medical research that involve people: clinical studies and clinical trials. Learn more about each.
Common Questions About Participating in Research
There are many reasons to join an LBD clinical trial, but you may have a few questions before you decide to participate. These are some common questions about participating in research.
Why Placebos Are Important
Placebos are the gold standard for testing interventions in people. Read more about the "randomized, placebo-controlled" clinical trial.
Questions to Ask When Considering a Study
At LBDA, we want to help you make informed decisions. This list of questions will help you evaluate whether or not to participate in a trial or study.