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Hi, I'm new to the site i want to have support and info
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Author:  Manxroots [ Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Hi, I'm new to the site i want to have support and info

Hey, my husband (age 65) of 31 years was diagnosed with LBD 5 years ago after finally finding a doctor who recognized what his symptoms were. He had a "mental breakdown" while employed in a very stressful job. For 2 month he just kinda checked out of reality. He was able to do his daily routine of self care but that was all. We tried many doctors after this but were not finding answers. Finally after almost a year of doctor roulette we found the right one. We were both relieved to finally get a diagnosis and heartbroken at the same time. Now to the present day. He has been on a slow downhill progression. He had to have back surgery 2 weeks ago and is still recouparating at home. The surgery, pain and pain meds have put him farther down that hill. He is more confused and sleeping a lot. He has a hard time speaking, can't find words, and his voice volume has decreased considerably. He is irritable and blames me for everything he can't find or do. When changing clothes, that I have put out for him, he sometimes puts on 2 pairs of underwear or his shirt on over his pajamas. This is different from before his surgery and I'm wondering if he will recover to his former self or to decline more.

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