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Mom, PTSD and Lewy Body
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Author:  upnorthdeb [ Fri May 19, 2017 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Mom, PTSD and Lewy Body

Our family met with the doctor and nursing staff at the nursing home regarding mom yesterday. They do not know how to help my mom. She has been at Oakridge Gardens 1 1/2 years. She does not know her children 90% of the time, knows dad most of the time but he sees her every day, over half of her words she uses are not real words, does not comprehend what she is being asked, experiences violent hallucinations EVERY day (relives her mother being murdered and being raped), sees her dogs and cats being cut apart and killed, her grandchildren raped, shot or beaten. She is paranoid, exhibits much aggression (hitting, punching, biting, spitting, choking, pretends she is holding a gun and killing the other residents of the nursing home, gritting her teeth and screaming).She is depressed, crying, sad and down on herself. As a child mom experienced the abuse of an alcoholic father, murder of her mother, separation from her youngest sister.

December 13 of 2015 mom was hospitalized because she experienced little kids in her plants and she pitched them out the patio doors, decided to leave my dad because he wouldn't get the kids out of the house. she called the police for help. She had a choice of going to see her doctor by riding in the car with my brother or riding with the police officer. She went with my brother. The doctor hospitalized her. She went crazy and almost killed the hospital staff the first day. After two weeks of hell they diagnosed her with Lewy Body. She could not go home - dad is 86 and could not take care of her. Mom is 83. She stopped walking the day she went to the hospital. I tried to continue taking her to see her neurologist but leaving the nursing home was to stressful for her. So the Nursing home doctor became her primary doctor. Mom has no other health problems than Lewy Body and PTSD (never treated)

Today I called her Neurologist from the hospital and said we needed help and asked him to look at what the Nursing home was doing regarding meds. Hopefully I will hear from them on Monday. Nursing home is good with asking other professionals for help.

At this time the nursing home has her on: Sertraline HCI 50 MG 1 tablet a day, Prazosin HCI 2 MG twice a day, Donepezil HCI 5 MG 1 a day, Lorazepam.05 1 tablet twice a day.

We need help with what to do to help mom. She suffers so much EVERY day. Please share ideas with me.

Thank you, Deb

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