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Five Mayo Videos on LBD
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Author:  robin [ Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Five Mayo Videos on LBD

As part of Mayo's announcement it has received $1 million to study Lewy Body Dementia, the Mayo Clinic has posted five videos where neuropathologist Dr. Dennis Dickson and neuropsychologist Dr. Tanis Ferman provide background on LBD and speak about treatment and current research.

I've provided a link below to the five videos. (The audio volume on all of the videos was too low -- that is, quiet -- for me.)


(The order I've listed the videos here is based on their designated order on YouTube. It's one long conversation that's been cut in pieces.)

LBD Background - Mayo Video, 9 minutes (this is called 1 of 5)
(It gets interesting after the two minute mark.)

LBD Treatment - Mayo Video, 6 minutes (this is called 2 of 5)
(Dr. Dickson discusses the role of pathological research.)

Research - Mayo Video, 13 minutes (this is called 3 of 5)
(This is one of the most interesting.)

Support - Mayo Video, 3 minutes (this is called 4 of 5)
(Dr. Ferman discusses caregiver support.)

Role of Autopsy - Mayo Video, 7 minutes (this is called 5 of 5)
(Dr. Ferman brings up brain autopsy at the very beginning, when death is not an immediate concern. Dr. Dickson discussed the benefits of brain autopsy -- it brings a sense of closure, it provides a confirmed diagnosis, and it contributes to research. Dr. Ferman talks about those families who weren't sure at first if they'd go through with brain donation. She says that they wanted to know the diagnosis for the sake of their children. And there were lots of families who just really wanted to know. Dr. Dickson notes that the diagnostic accuracy was less than 50% for LBD but he says the accuracy is greatly improved now. He says that it's an under-recognized disorder. Dr. Ferman makes the points that there are so many atypical presentations of LBD that autopsy is the only way to know for sure. Dr. Dickson talks about doing a genome-wide association study in LBD. Dr. Ferman points out that we know about the usefulness of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors in LBD because of brain donation. And we know that other medications are not as helpful because of brain donation. Dr. Dickson points out that the autopsy improves the clinical diagnosis. He points out that we've learned what the signature symptoms of LBD are through brain autopsy.)

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