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Did Immanuel Kant have DLB?
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Author:  robin [ Tue May 11, 2010 12:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Did Immanuel Kant have DLB?

The Chilean authors of this paper argue that the philosopher Immanuel Kant may've had DLB and severe RBD.

Sleep Medicine. 2010 May 5. [Epub ahead of print]

Did Immanuel Kant have dementia with Lewy bodies and REM behavior disorder?

Miranda M, Slachevsky A, Garcia-Borreguero D.
Department of Neurology, Clinica Las Condes, Chile.

Immanuel Kant, one of the most brilliant minds of the XVIII century and of western philosophy, suffered from dementia in his late years. Based on the analysis of testimonies of his close friends, in this report we describe his neurological disorder which, after 8years of evolution, led to his death. His cognitive decline was strongly associated with a parasomnia compatible with a severe rapid eye movement (REM) behavior disorder (RBD) and dementia with Lewy bodies.

PubMed ID#: 20451446

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