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Author:  robin [ Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:14 pm ]
Post subject:  videocaregiving - visual education for caregivers

The website videocaregiving.org -- a visual education center for family caregivers -- has been listed on the Alzheimer's Association website for awhile now but I've just gotten around to checking out some of the videos. The videos are in two main categories -- Alzheimer's Disease and Caregiving. I've skimmed most of the videos and want to recommend some to you. Note that even though some videos are in the "Alzheimer's Disease" category, they are applicable to those dealing with other forms of dementia.

There are at least two ways to access the videos on this website. The best way is to click on the "beyond the video" menu selection at the very top of the page. That brings you here:

If you click on the title of a video, you'll see a short summary, a window where the video will play, some key notes from the video, information on how you can apply this video to your situation, and related resources (books, web pages, etc).

I listened to and would recommend eight videos, which are described below:

Four videos in the Alzheimer's category: (remember - these may apply to those dealing with other forms of dementia and even to those not dealing with dementia at all!)

#1 - Emotions of the Caregiver: One Expert's Thoughts (4 minutes)
An expert, Daniel Kuhn, MSW, talks about the need for family caregivers to come to terms with how much Alzheimer's changes relationships and advises caregivers to be patient with themselves as they adapt to those changes. I think this would be good for the caregiver of someone with dementia to hear. The speaker talks about day to day fluctuations; certainly these occur in Lewy Body Dementia.

#2 - Driving: Recognizing Trouble Ahead (9 minutes)
Dr. Sandra Weintraub from Northwestern analyzes what makes people with Alzheimer's unsafe drivers. I believe many of these points would apply to those with Lewy Body Dementia.

#3 - Driving: Dealing with an Emotional Issue (8 minutes)
One family is profiled with some analysis by Dr. Weintraub.

#4 - Jordans -- Nursing Home Discussion (6 minutes)
A family speaks openly (and tearfully) about placement of the wife/mother in a nursing home.

Four videos in the Caregiving category:

#5 - Caught in the Caregiver Web (8 minutes)
A mother talks about not wanting help of her daughters. The two daughters talk about how stubborn the mother is.

#6 - Home Care -- Lifting (6 minutes)
A step-by-step demonstration on lifting and transferring a person who is bedridden.

#7 - Planning Ahead -- Advance Medical Directives (7 minutes)
An MD encourages that families have discussions on these directives. All adults should prepare one. Don't wait until a crisis occurs.

#8 - Understanding Caregiving -- One Expert's Thoughts (6 minutes)
An expert, Wendy Lustbader, MSW, talks about the isolation caregivers experience.

Note that I couldn't get the audio to play using Chrome. It was no problem in Firefox. And I assume it's no problem in Internet Explorer.

At one point I was asked for a login and password. I think I clicked "Cancel" and was able to continue.

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