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 If I could keep time in a bottle.... 
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Post If I could keep time in a bottle.... would rightfully assume I was demented. However time is something that is a real daily struggle. Without time you have little perspective; if you cut yourself, not only will it seem to you that it will hurt forever since you cannot conceive of things like day after tomorrow, but because of time and crappy memory, you don't remember it ever hurting this bad before.

So time can be important, even if you are retired, disabled, etc and home-bound (more or less). Without
a sense of tomorrow, hope can be a difficult thing.

OK Leaving the Hallmark psycho-babble behind, time has a more real and tangible impact on my daily life. For a number of years I have been enjoying spinal arthritis; as such, pain and I have become fox-hole buddies if not actual friends. However I know where my body limits are and where not to go beyond in a single day. At least I *used* to know. Now, I can pick some task or even hobby to work on but since most are physical these days, I have got to watch how long I work on anything or a pay a price that is very un-cool. Before I could listen to my body and it would warn me when I have had enough. Now that warning is muted at when I over-do it, pain leads to worse fog which leads to dealing with the pain worse, sometimes even to the point of not being able to figure out what to do about it, even though the meds are in front of my face.

But clocks and alarms are pretty useless to me now, gotta remember to look at the clock, gotta remember to set the alarm before I start, all opportunities for failure.

...and now to explain what Jim Croce has to do with anything....

What works for me is this. I know this may sound corny (no smartass jokes about my name, left that behind on the schoolyard a thousand years ago) have you seen the otherwise-lame Bruce Willis flick Hudson Hawk? Remember the trick they used to time out their robberies? That actually works. No I didn't rob an art gallery to test it last career was in programming and as all programmers know, they like to leave you alone with your headphones on all day to get things done. So I have literally haven't had a job in the last 25 years that I could not listen to the music of my choice all day. As such, I am very attuned to working with and along-side music. So what I do is this: Say I have a task that should take no more than ten minutes; if I am still fooling around with it after that, its time find out why or stop if I can't figure out why I am not done (happens). For all of the reasons above clocks and alarms are worthless BUT I know if I start Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) Stevie Ray Vaughan Live at Montreux '85, the song is familiar but at 10:55 its over and the sudden silence can break through any fog, at least enough to realize something is wrong. For longer jobs like cleaning the kitchen takes about 45 minutes, I have a 45 minute playlist that does the same thing: its fun while working, can improve the mood some but when it stops the sudden silence makes me ask "why am I still doing this?".

I am not making this up, it works for me. The real test was my "garden chores" as I think of them, just tending my garden each morning, pruning, germinating seed, harvesting, cloning, etc. I have my one-hour playlist that really gets my attention at the end of an hour because unlike washing dishes, I actually *like* this and so its easy to get carried away, moreso that usual so the right playlist really saves my butt here too.
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