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How I survive on the computer
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Author:  JeffCobb [ Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:08 pm ]
Post subject:  How I survive on the computer

This is more for patients than caregivers but...

Howdy. Visiting Nut Jeff here with a tip. LBD blesses me with two
problems that make using the computer extremely difficult which is
frustrating because I made my living with them for a good long
time. However one of the minor symptoms of LBD is the resting limb
aphasia. Basically your limbs do things when unattended. Might be just
laying there wathing a movie, arm draped over the chest when suddenly
it might jump around a bit. As soon as I look at it (focus on it) it
stops like I caught it doing something. Now those of you typing on
laptops at this very moment, look right between your thumbs and what
is there? A multitouch mousepad. As if I had to spell it out for the
PhDs in the room, twitching and multitouch go together like gas and
flame. So when I try to use a standard computer interface/web browser
to say write this article, there is a damned good chance that about
9/10 the way done I will be trying to concentrate on the closing and
my hands twitch and suddenly not only is the text gone, the whole web
browser can be pointing at a diffent site (back "gesture" triggered
multiple times). This actually happens about 4/5 of the time when I
try to do it. I give up alot.

There is a fix for that but I gotta tell ya about this other problem
too (because the fix works into both areas).

One thing with bad EFD is too much input can leave me in brainlock and
I can't focus on getting anything done like send an email or find
something on the web. I had a lot of other clues why this was but long
story short, look at your computer screen right now. You have many
many things all screaming for your attention, from the clock to any
feeds from social media to the actual app you are working with to an
email thats waiting to be read to...there is alot there.

Since the computer remains my main point of contact with the outside
world I had to find a way around both problems. Now this fix may not
work for everyone exactly as described but if you generalize even a
little I think you can find a way to make it work for you. I am a very
old-school programmer, been around since the early days and so a
character-mode interface is just fine with me, don't need a graphical
user interface for many things at all. So now I have my computer set
up so with a keystroke I can switch from a standard user interface to
an older UNIX command-line interface. The thing with this is, no mouse
(hence the problem of the twitches on the trackpad are dealt with) and
at any one time, the ONLY thing in your face vying for your attention
is the app you are working with, the task at-hand. I will try to
attach a picture of what editing this story looks like from my

So I have a completely character-mode email client, word processors,
web browsers, file managers and so on. So if I am reading a post here
and want to respond, I can TRY to do it through the web interface but
that usually ends badly so I will with a keystroke pop back to "raw"
UNIX, start a text editor with the subject of whatever I am trying to
write, edit and save my text there and then go back to the GUI, import
it into the browser and I am done. Sounds like a lot of work but its
way less than rewriting the same paragraph over and over or not
finishing at all, ever because of the GUI makes it difficult to remain

I know this may seem wonky to others but this is how I survive,
computer-wise and this allows me to at least interact with others
online easier.

File comment: UNIX editor (Emacs)
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