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Idle thoughts, part deux...
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Author:  JeffCobb [ Mon May 22, 2017 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Idle thoughts, part deux...

Actually having dementia yourself (and LBD so you can occasionally step back and observe) it came as a surprise some of the odd perspectives that come to a mind no longer hindered by reality. After the shock and horror of realizing you cannot count on things like time and reality to act as it once did, you have two choices: depression or simply embracing the beast. Pretty sure I am not nor have I ever been depressed, leaving only the latter as an option. So embrace it I do in an effort to find a shiny spot on this otherwise disgusting turd of a disease.

One thing this newly-freed flight of fancy made obvious is that once you accept that (to varying degrees) folks with mid to later stages of dementia have that totally freed from reality thing going on, at least freed from the same reality that has been with us since birth, they are actually experiencing life without a net, that safety net being reality for the rest of us. Some will handle it poorly, lashing out at threats both real and imagined. The others though become inured to the differences between the place they live and the place everyone else does. In a strange way they become almost mentally ambidextrous.

The point of the story is, if for some reason reality actually does take a dump on us, it will be the most demented yet still stable people that could be the saviors of mankind. After all you know what they say, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed person of indeterminate sex is King. The rest of the world will go nuts like they all got dementia at the same moment and the folks used to dealing with differing and shifting conditions of reality will actually become the voice of reason. Now how weird is that.

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