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Demented minds want to know...
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Author:  JeffCobb [ Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Demented minds want to know...

I have wondered about the world around me all of my life but now as the damage sets in, I find the world more confusing to me by the day. Some things just don't seem to make sense or have an answer I can find.

For example, one of the bright-spots in my days is feeding the little buddies (Jiraiya and Hiro, rescues) in the morning. Its one of the few jobs I can be counted on to do so its my gig to do it. And I have always felt that any job worth doing is worth over-doing so the whole process of getting the dog food out, onto two plates, chopping it up and then serving it was a bit boring so I have this whole Tim Allen does Monty Hall thing going on and the actual act of feeding them becomes something more like the Gong Show.

So I am feeding the little buddies and we try this new (to us) dog food called Ol Roy or something. We tried their canned food and the guys went nuts for it so Jeff orders a 40lb bag off of Amazon and when it gets here I find its that type that is dry but you can serve it like that or dump hot water on it and it makes its own gravy, which it does...it quickly makes good and rich gravy in fact and the guys love it but.....if mixing hot-water with that dry food makes gravy, doesn't that mean that the dry food is just dry food with a dry gravy-mix coating? IOW doesn't that sound nasty if served dry?

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