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 How Did it Get Here So Fast? 
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Post How Did it Get Here So Fast?
I moved my Dad and Mom to live in an apartment near me three years ago so I could oversee their care. My Dad had been only been experiencing the physical symptoms of LBD - tingling legs, tremors, changes in balance and stance, sleep issues. He had been diagnosed Parkinson's a few years prior to the move and then the diagnosis was changed to Parkinson-like disorder. Finally when I brought him to a neurologist here he diagnosed him with LBD. A year ago the mental changes started to take place. Hallucinations of "ghosts" in his bedroom, bugs or lizards crawling on him in bed - all hallucinations were at night. Then they started during the day with small animals and people. he began to smell odors that were not there too. In the last months he has gotten accusatory, saying my mom is having an affair with the neighbor and I am out to take all his money. Thankfully he has only expressed disappointment and has never gotten violent. Over the last two years we have had aides come in to help with bathing and exercise. In Nov we started him at a daycare 3 afternoons to give my mom a break. Dad was walking with a cane, unsteady, but not falling. He was continent and able to toilet himself. He was slowing down and needed help getting up and down from a chair and in & out of bed. Then we made a med change (taking him off 50mg of Zoloft) and 4 days later he fell and then again two days after that he fell taking my mom down too. No physical injuries that we could tell. We changed him from a cane to a walker. He was more confused & accusatory and very weak, needing two people to help him up and down. The doctor put him in seroquel 25mg at bedtime and at breakfast. The day I decided to take him to the emergency room his knees were buckling under him and he was complaining of pain in his knee. He was refusing to cooperate with the aide and my mom. X-rays showed no broken bones but since he had declined physically and mentally so fast they admitted him to a geriatric psych unit for evaluation. They decided to reverse the changes - back on Zoloft (25mgs to start) and take him off the Seroquel. He has been there three full days and he is only getting worse. He barely looks at us when go to see him. He mumbles things that don't make sense. Responses only occasionally to what is asked of him. Seems to have no idea where he is. Another weird thing is that he was hardly eating before this - lost 14 pounds in three months and now he is eating everything on his plate - a ferocious appetite! It's almost like he is on auto-pilot where basis life skills are concerned. He is stuck in a chair and can only get up with help (when they have time). Tonight he had his eyes closed most of our visit and seemed to be having his own conversation in his head with "someone else." These are drastic changes in a matter of a week! My question is: are these changes related to the med changes or the fall or just how LBD progresses sometimes? I feel guilty for having agreed to the med changes and would give any to have my dad back the way he was two weeks ago. Now there is talk of nursing home care. :( Help!!!!!!

Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:49 pm

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Post Re: How Did it Get Here So Fast?
Hi Junebug - thank you for opening up and sharing, it's very important to all of us since every sufferer of LBD is different. In reading your situation, my take on your father could be simply that it takes a long time for these meds to get out of the system of a person with LBD. In my research as an advocate for my husband, I have often read that it take 10 times longer for a med to process out of the system of the person with LBD than is normally the case. That may well be what is occurring with your father. When my husband was given the wrong meds for his condition as they were attempting to diagnose him,, it took weeks in the psychiatric ward to clear him and he was never the same after that. The decline was significant as if a line was crossed that he could not cross back over. For this reason, I have been very cautious with any changes in meds. As the wise psychiatrist who we eventually found said to me "when it comes to LBD, less is more". All the best to you, Adele

Adele, wife and caregiver to Bill, diagnosed with LBD in January, 2014.

Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:57 pm

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Post Re: How Did it Get Here So Fast?
Thank you, Adele. I believe in the the "less is more" moto also. Dad seems to be doing better the last two days. He will be going to a nursing home this week. Hopefully with PT they will get him up and walking with a walker again. My Dad was an avid sportsman and walking (especially outdoors) was the only enjoyment he had left before this incident. Praying for God's grace and mercy on Dad and all those with LBD and their families. Bless you!

Sun Jun 07, 2015 8:20 am
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