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What exactly is your definition of "therapy"?
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Author:  JeffCobb [ Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:46 pm ]
Post subject:  What exactly is your definition of "therapy"?

I am curious because yesterday I came back from the shrink in a pretty puzzled state. We were talking about something I found to be very therapeutic and I was stating how great it was and made me feel after, like I had a little taste of normalcy in my life, at least for a short time. He just could not figure that out, its like there was a complete cognitive disconnect. He kept asking did it make me feel like I could go out and go scuba diving or did it make me feel like I could go driving again or...things like that. He simply could not get his mind wrapped around therapy that didn't have some new physical ability as the result, the measure of success. Exactly what that therapy was will be the subject of something bigger coming up but for now just know that for an hour or two daily I don't feel like such a hermit and I can go out the virtually do alot of things I did in life, not just things like driving and interacting with people but also stuff *I* did like scaling radio towers or scuba diving on a tropical island. Was I doing these things for real? Of course not, I am not insane...oh wait...just kidding. Seriously though, I know I can't drive I am a menace on the road, I know I can do business, my math stinks now, I know I cant climb towers or go swimming, etc etc but for a short while I damned-near forgot that I had LBD. And kids, that can be therapeutic as hell. No different than using a pain reliever once a day and feeling relief for a while. But I could not for the life of me get that through his head, the value of that, at least to me.

So theres the question folks: Is it therapy or what in fact defines therapy to you?
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