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Note from the moderator 2/14/10
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Author:  irene selak [ Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Note from the moderator 2/14/10

Future Issues:

If someone has a issue with a post, please let me know privately, it serves no purpose to post our feelings out on a public venue, it just flares people's emotions even more. Bring it to my attention as I can't be here 24/7 as some might think.

By all means if someone is rude, or naming a person that is something I can't tolerate, there are no favorites here, I need to know that too! Being respectful and considerate of others is a primary rule.

If you don't like someone's opinion that's fine that's all it is an opinion!

If a post needs to be moved let me know, Privately! Again I don't see everything here. I will be happy to take a look at it and find a solution

Please try to post your comments and questions in the appropriate area's as it does help with replies and if you don't want to answer it because it isn't where someone thinks it should be that's fine too

Let's be considerate of each other, Our main focus should be LBD and caregivers with their needs being met in caring for their Loved ones.

This all goes much smoother if we just write our frustrations privately

There is only one Moderator and One Administrator and 1000's of members!

All new members are encouraged to do an initial post to the Introductions topic, but thereafter, if possible, move on to areas related to their specific problems or concerns.

Please, do not click on any Website links of new applicants. It is nearly guaranteed the material will not be of interest, and a high probability exists it will be offensive in nature. This is a feature of the hosting software which we have no control over.

Irene Selak

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