July 2011 Newsletter

Increasing Knowledge:  New LBD Glossary Available

With so many medical, caregiving and logistical needs, family caregivers face quite a learning curve with LBD.  To make it easier, LBDA is pleased to provide a brand new resource.  The LBD Glossary: A Comprehensive Resource for Family Caregivers includes definitions for LBD-related medical terminology, classes of medicines and caregiving terms, plus types of services and resources helpful in LBD caregiving.

The LBD Glossary is available electronically by clicking here.

Building Hope:  Introduction of "Hubs of Hope"

During the 2010 LBD awareness campaign, volunteers in the Boston area decided to join forces and support each others' awareness-building efforts. Their enthusiasm was contagious and LBD families found strength in their combined efforts. So this year, LBDA is adding the "LBDA Hub of Hope" designation for the volunteer clusters participating in the LBD Awareness Movement!

An LBDA Hub of Hope is a network of 5 or more LBD Awareness Movement members in geographic proximity of less than 50 miles who connect to engage in LBD outreach and awareness activities.

Click here to join this year's campaign and don't forget to indicate your interest in joining an LBDA Hub of Hope!

Sharing Experience:  5 Questions All Caregivers Should Ask Themselves

Over a 20 year span, Carol Bradley Bursack cared for 7 elderly family members and neighbors. She later went on to become an author, Elder care expert, speaker and columnist for So what questions does she think every caregiver should ask themselves? Her article on that topic at is a must-read for every LBD caregiver.

"Many of us dove into caregiving with full hearts and no planning, then ended up sustaining this life-altering mode for months and often years. But at some point as a caregiver, you need to have an honest, realistic talk with yourself. You will, eventually need to include others in your final decisions, but some honest, quiet soul searching can help you sort out your own priorities and determine how much you can handle."

  1. Do you have children at home? What are their needs?
  2. Do you have a supportive spouse or partner, a negative partner, or no partner? How does this relationship affect your caregiving and how does your caregiving affect your relationship?
  3. Are you are social person, a loner or somewhere in between? How do you fit in your "alone time," your own social life and your work and family needs with your caregiving?
  4. Where do you need to draw a line and say "I can do this much and no more." You may not be able to control your circumstances, but you can control your response to them.
  5. Will you continue watchfulness and maintenance of your own health, or will you let that slip? You, too, must be a priority.

Read the full article at

Making a Difference – Where Work and Family Intersect

Not only is Kim Lemon a busy wife, mother and television news anchor for News 8 on WGAL in Lancaster, PA, she is also a caregiver for her husband, John.  At only 57 years of age John was diagnosed with LBD two years ago, which was a blow to Kim and their girls, Megan and Morgan.
Since that time, Kim took the reins to make a difference in the lives of other LBD families by not just launching an LBD support group, but also bringing some much-needed visibility to LBD through her work at WGAL -TV. 

Kim has decided, through the counsel of her neurologist, now is the time to take a leave of absence from work for a few months to care for John.  WGAL News 8's Lori Burkholder and Kim spent an afternoon at the Conestoga House in Lancaster, where she shared with Lori what her family has been going through since the diagnosis. 

To watch the interview, visit

Thank You

Increasing Knowledge, Sharing Experience and Building Hope is the foundation for LBDA.  But like any foundation we need the support of various factors to succeed.  Thanks to the support of our contributing sponsors, we are on the way to make "A Month To Remember" a tremendous success for the LBD community. 

Thanks to:

  • Judy Carter at Carter Creative for her design of LBDA materials for physicians' offices.
  • Jenn Nienaber for her design work on LBDA collateral materials.