Exciting Things to Come in 2009

While continuing to serve even more people with LBD and their families through education and outreach, we are also excited to announce two new initiatives underway for the medical and scientific community.

Physician Outreach Campaign

LBDA is launching a brand-new physician-oriented program, designed to provide easy access to up-to-date information on LBD to both physicians and the patients they treat. Funded by Lewy Body Committee, a Subcommittee of The Turner Family Foundation, LBDA will be launching a direct mail campaign to approximately 12,000 neurologists in the United States to promote the availability of physician, patient, and caregiver materials on the LBDA website, and invite physicians to order free LBDA publications for their practice.

Biomarkers in Lewy Body Disease – LBDA’s First Scientific Conference

In our continuing efforts to advance scientific knowledge about Lewy body dementias, LBDA's Scientific Advisory Council is in the planning stages of a “Biomarkers in Lewy Body Disease” conference to identify promising avenues for diagnosis of Lewy body dementias. (A biomarker is a “biochemical indicator” that can measure the progress of a disease or the effects of treatment. For example, cholesterol is a biomarker for heart disease.) The conference will bring together approximately 40 nationally and internationally recognized leaders in LBD research.

LBDA’s biomarker conference will be the first scientific meeting solely designed to discuss the current state of brain imaging, cerebrospinal fluid, and other biological markers for Lewy body dementias and Parkinson’s disease. This discussion is essential for determining what biological targets may be responsive to disease-modifying interventions.

Look for more information on this exciting event in upcoming issues of the Lewy Body Digest!