2008 Success Stories

Thanks to your continued support, LBDA celebrated our 5-year anniversary last summer as a publicly supported charity. And because of your help, we were able to make some monumental strides this year serving LBD families, people with LBD, and the medical professionals who care for them. Here are some of the exciting ways your generous donations were Increasing Knowledge, Sharing Experience and Building Hope in 2008.

Together with you, we served those with LBD by:

  • Publishing “An Introduction to LBD” – the first publication written especially for the person newly diagnosed with LBD. This publication is available online, in print through LBDA, and across the country at 890 locations of the Area Agency on Aging and Title VI (Native American aging program),
  • Publishing a newly revised medical alert wallet card to advise emergency room physicians about medication sensitivities in LBD. This wallet card is also included in every copy of “An Introduction to LBD,”
  • Launching an online discussion forum especially for people who have LBD.

Together with you, we served more LBD caregivers by:

  • Relaunching a completely redesigned website, which serves an average of over 11,000 different visitors each month,
  • More than doubling our number of support groups to 45 groups across the country,
  • Launching LBDAtv to provide 24/7 access to videos of educational events on LBD through our website and,
  • Collaborating with LBDA volunteers and other organizations on six local events designed to raise LBD awareness among the general public and/or provide education to caregivers and caregiving professionals,
  • Creating new opportunities to network with other caregivers through

Together with you, we raised LBD awareness among physicians by:

  • Releasing our first publication for physicians – “Current Issues in LBD Diagnosis, Treatment and Research,” which was promoted nationally via direct mail to thousands of neurologists,
  • Using our new medical alert wallet card to direct emergency room physicians to our website for detailed information on treating psychosis in LBD,
  • Presenting the results of our Caregiver Burden Assessment Survey at the Mental Dysfunctions in Parkinson’s Disease conference in Dresden, Germany,
  • Presenting LBDA exhibits at five national medical conferences,
  • Fulfilling requests for LBDA publications from over 300 medical professionals and researchers.