Mayo Clinic LBD Family Seminar Day

Mayo Clinic LBD Family Seminar Day

June 19, 2017


This full-day educational program provides LBD families with information helpful in understanding, and coping, with symptoms unique to this specific condition from experts in the field. Participants have the opportunity to engage with other families dealing with a similar diagnosis in a supportive atmosphere.

Special Guest Speaker:
Angela Taylor, Director of Programs, Lewy Body Dementia Association
The LBD Journey - Through the Lens of the Caregiver
Caregiver Strategies

Mayo Clinic Speakers:
Dr Brad Boeve:
A Comprehensive Approach to the Management of DLB
Current Research in DLB
Dr Daniel Drubach
Symptom Management: Hallucinations and Delusions
Dr Jessica Jung
Making a Diagnosis of DLB
Sarah Dahlhauser
Occupational Therapy strategies for DLB Management
Dr Heather Clark
Managing Communication and Swallowing Changes in DLB
Angela Lunde
The role of Empathy
Jennifer Scuse
Critical Conversations

Persons diagnosed with LBD are welcome to attend. Please take into consideration the length of the day (7 hours) when deciding those best suited to attend.

Cost: $50 a person, which includes the program, a light breakfast, a full lunch, refreshments and materials.

To register or for more information: Call Mayo Clinic at 507-284-1324.