Essays on LBD Caregiving

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When the stress of driving to a Lewy body dementia support group becomes too much, a caregiver starts one closer to home.

A friend told me that I wouldn’t stop being a caregiver when Nelson went into a nursing home. She was right.

Traveling and books defined Ron, two things that have been stolen by Lewy body dementia.

Don't just pray for me. I need something more.

Isn’t all of life lived in advent – waiting, watching, longing for that meeting with God?

Chuck was a good teacher. He never stopped teaching, and he made sure I learned what I needed to know.

Many times I have wanted to walk away. But how do you walk away from Don Quixote?

You must use common sense when deciding to take your loved one off the road. One suggestion for you to consider is the grandchild test.