Essays on LBD Caregiving

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LBDA volunteer Adam King tells the story of Deborah, his mother-in-law, and the crisis that lead to her move into an assisted living facility.

Acceptance evolved slowly with assistance from counselors, friends, and mentors who helped me to look at my beliefs.  Being “good” doesn’t mean “bad” things will never happen. People with illness or disability are of no less value than healthy people.

It’s good that we can’t see ahead. I think about that initiation into our marriage. Now I smugly mutter things under my breath when I hear young lovers say they pledge unconditional love, or pronounce expectations that they will always be together with their love.

During the first five to ten years of Nelson’s disease, I was in so much emotional pain I couldn’t laugh or even comprehend other people’s laughter. The bottom had fallen out of my safe secure world, and I was in free fall.