Volunteers Deliver Campaign Success!

Last year was a significant one for LBDA, from the presentation of the first biomarker conference on LBD to publishing our special report on LBD caregiver burden. And we are delighted to share the success of our first national LBD awareness campaign with our tireless volunteers! This campaign harnessed the power of grassroots organizers to work in their communities to raise awareness about LBD. Whether as individuals or businesses, the campaign provided a variety of ways for new constituents to get involved in LBDA’s efforts to increase knowledge, share experience and build hope for those affect by LBD.

LBD awareness activities launched in over 35 states nationwide, along with international interest spanning from Canada to Australia. Community outreach volunteers broadened LBDA’s reach by hosting speaking engagements, submitting articles and press releases to the media, placing advertisements for their campaign events, and disseminating information on LBD via social media and in person to over 200,000 new individuals. Special event organizers raised over $90,000 during the campaign through more than 20 fundraising events. And when LBD families promoted A Week To Remember on NBC’s morning show, Today, the homepage of LBDA’s Web site welcomed six times our average daily number of visitors.

With volunteer-driven activities now clustering in regional “Hubs of Hope”, the potential for next year’s campaign is endless. To stay informed about activities for next year’s campaign or to get involved as a campaign volunteer, contact Eva Bradley, Special Events and Volunteer Coordinator, at 404-935-6444 ext. 104 or