Irene Selak Named LBDA’s 2010 Volunteer of the Year

LBDA is pleased to recognize Irene Selak as the 2010 Volunteer of the Year. This achievement will come as no surprise to many members of LBDA’s discussion forums, where Irene serves as moderator. In addition to her work welcoming new members of the online LBD community, she serves as a primary contact for telephonic and electronic support on LBDA’s Caregiver Helpline. Selak was selected for her outstanding volunteer service in LBDA’s mission on December 7, 2010 by the Board of Directors.

Ms. Selak resides in Spartanburg, SC and is a stay at home mother. She raised four children with her loving husband of 35 years, Jim, until his death from LBD in 2005. She first came to LBDA through an LBD support group while serving as a caregiver for her husband. As she became an active participant in the LBDA forums, her natural desire to help others became evident through the information and resources she providing to other forum users. She says, “It was like a calling. I had to learn all this information about the disease when dealing with my husband, and now I have to share it!”

The LBD families that she assists are so deeply touched by her compassion that they often reach out to LBDA staff to remark about how her sincere and heartfelt interactions have impacted their experience while living with the disease. Ms. Selak’s investment of time talking to families, resourceful information and support reminds families that there is hope despite the difficulties faced by those affect by LBD.

On behalf of the LBDA and all of our families we serve, we extend our sincerest gratitude to Ms. Irene Selak for her tireless efforts to support and provide compassion to LBD families, and look forward to her continued engagement in our work.

Our Appreciation

The LBDA extends its appreciation to Anna Andes and Norma Loeb who received Honorable Mention for the 2010 Volunteer of the Year award. Ms. Andes volunteers in the LBDA national office and provides administrative support to the staff. She serves as a wonderful extension of the professional staff and is a great contribution to the team.

Ms. Loeb facilitates two New York City support groups. She also serves as a regional resource for organizing volunteers in the NY area to promote activities such as the national media coverage during the Awareness Campaign.