Modelling Visual Hallucinations using Deep Neural Networks

Visual hallucinations are a common symptom of Lewy body dementias (LBD). But little is known about why hallucinations are so vivid in LBD compared to psychiatric disorders, or why they occur in the first place.

What is this study about?

This study is exploring whether a computer simulation of hallucinations can create visual experiences like those in LBD, to gain insight into why visual hallucinations may occur in LBD.

What’s involved?

Participants will be asked to take part in one 45-minute video call interview to answer questions about their specific experience of visual hallucinations. Within the interview, participants will be shown computer-generated images to see how similar they are to their real hallucinations.

Who can participate?

An individual may be able to take part in the study if he/she is either:

  • Diagnosed with dementia with Lewy bodies or Parkinson’s disease dementia
  • Has experienced or continues to experience visual hallucinations

Study Sponsor

Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex, UK

For more information

Dr David Schwartzman,
University of Sussex, UK