What a Journey

Hello, ,My name is Don and I care for my wife of 49 years Irene (Marie). Marie was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004. Then in 2008 they changed it to Lewy Body dementia. As mentioned in other stories here, I always doubt the diagnosis and know the only correct one will come too late. From 2008 to 2010, Marie was doing fine. Then one incident of severe confusion the doctors put her on Seroquel. After that theyhad her on Azilect and that threw her into a loop of severe confusion and agitation. Getting off that and on namenda with Exelon it improved some but the hallucinations started getting worse. Now in 2012 she is 8 years into this journey. She has good and bad days with the bad days equaling the bad days in the past and I consider them good days. I really don’t think she knows who I am 75% of the time. The period of lucidity are a great thing to see. I have prayed to God that my Marie will not suffer anymore then she is now. She wil have periods that she knows she has the disease and wants to know why. I wish I could answer. There is a study done in University of PA last week that shows promise. If only the FDA would get some of these treatment sto the market before it is too late.

Don Mc Cormick

Nov 21, 2012