Two Heroes

My Dad was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia in the summer of 2006. Before that, he lived his life on his terms, did things his way. He was smart, self-taught, loved by many and respected by more. During the next two years Lewy Body Dementia took that man away from his family, took his life away from him. However, as I watched him forgetting all the things he taught me, forgetting all the important people around him, and getting more and more frightened of this disease, I also saw a proud man never give up his dignity. And I also saw my Mom, his wife of 52 years, stay by his side night and day, never faltering even when she became the victim of Capgras Syndrome. She stayed strong until the end. So my Dad was my hero, but so was my Mom- and she still is. There is nothing more difficult than watching your loved one fight this losing battle with Lewy Body Disease. But she stood up to it, and we honor his memory every day.


Aug 24, 2010