The wife

I am going through this now with my husband. I kind of expected withdrawal and memory loss. But I didn’t expect so many roller coaster rides. The ups and down on a daily basis. The stubborn belligerence from him.The arbitrary behavior. That is why I suspected that it might be LBD and took him to three different neurologists, none of which would consider a LBD diagnosis. The first two didn’t acknowledge cognitive impairment. I have become angry with their negligence. No help. Also I am on my own because my two daughters are busy working and one with two little boys. I can’t get outside help because I can’t afford help. When I go to a site for help it ends up that they want help and a donation.
It’s really hard because I fell out of love with him years ago.
I am angry and frustrated that I have been left with this burden. And guilty that I appear to be the only one with these feelings. The stress is sometimes overwhelming.

Chriss Martorelli

May 18, 2018