Our Love

Frank, my husband of 27 years, and I have endured LBD for eight years. It begins slowly stealing small pieces of memory at a time until one day you realize the slide has begun. Frank has a wonderful sense of humor and that will help to brighten the times of confusion. Our love was evident to those around us, and still is today. This disease will fight hard.

He has Capgrass Syndrome, a condition where I am the "impostor playing a game", Frank's words. The realization he may have times where he does not recognize me is heartbreaking for me; however, I think of the struggle within him.

Perfection is not a reality in being a caregiver, the sadness can be overwhelming. I trust that God is in control and I put my trust in him completely. Without my faith, these trials would be unbearable. Frank is the most important person in my life, that will never change. Love triumphs over the LBD symptoms. Love endures. 

Barbara DeCello

Oct 07, 2017