My Twin

I have not lived around my twin sister for a few years. She lived with me in 2014 after her divorce. She had a back injury and was heavily medicated so my wife and I had her live with us after the divorce.

My wife was diagnosed with cancer and after surgery and chemo, we decided to move into a fifth wheel and travel while we still could.

My twin moved into an apartment near her sister and daughter. Early this year, 2018, they noticed delusions and hallucinations. These got worse fairly quickly and we put her in a group home. She calls me constantly to get help moving her in with non-existent people. She talks to people in the walls.

I’m really distraught. She’s my twin sister and as her big brother, I’ve always been there for her. I don’t want to avoid contact with her but not sure what to do.

I have an appointment with her neurologist to discuss treatment options to maybe minimize the delusions so she can be happier.

Any suggestions?

Gene Rogers

Jun 22, 2018