My Mom, LBD and Tamiflu.

My Mom is 93 years old, was diagnosed with LBD 3 1/2 years ago by her geriatric physician.  On 3/18/17, the nursing home where my Mom resides started giving Tamiflu to all patients due to two confirmed cases of flu.  My Mom did not have any symptoms and she was on a hallway were no one had any symptoms.  About six hours after Mom was given the Tamiflu, she began drooling excessively and was confused when talking about her parents (confused me as their daughter).  This is one area that Mom had no previous issues EVER.  On 3/19/17 when my brother arrived to spend the afternoon with Mom, she was sitting on the edge of the bed, drooling really bad and was extremely agitated, confused and couldn't move. (She received a second dose of Tamiflu five hours prior to his arrival).  He called me and when I arrived I knew something was wrong.  Mom would not respond to us, couldn't move any part of her body, and became incontinent that same day.  Prior to this day, Mom had no issues with eating, dressing, bathing. getting in/out of bed, using her walker or going to the restroom on her own.  When I was able to convince the nurses something was seriously wrong, they made the decision to stop the Tamiflu and her Risperdol.  By the end of the day on 3/19, Mom had a fever, horrible cough and was lethargic and didn't have the strength to do anything.    

Four days later they restarted the
Risperdol.  Mom spent five days in the hospital two weeks later with a UTI and dehydration.  She is back at the nursing home and isn't improving. She remains incontinent, is extremely agitated, angry and weak.  Her paranoia is at its highest level ever.  She's lost 10 pounds since the 19th and I fear she has now given up.  I can find nothing concrete to tie Tamiflu in with her failing body, but I truly believe that Tamiflu has done this to her.   The doctors have little or no experience with Tamiflu doing this to someone with LBD; however, I know two nursing directors at other facilities who told me they would never given Tamiflu to a dementia patient.   I'm at a loss to know what to do at this point. Four weeks ago my Mom took care of herself for the most part and on March 18/19 something caused her to decline significantly and even the doctors are confused about what happened.  

Donna Allen

Apr 08, 2017